I've been reading... Dark Queen by M.A. Roth

February 14, 2020

This is the prequel to The Elements Series. It's a short story and is currently free on Amazon, so if you'd like a taste of Roth's writing, then check it out on Amazon.




Redemption will be sought, Deaths will be repaid, and somethings can never be undone.
I’ve been brought up in a world of privilege. A world of servants, banquets, and power. To others, they think I have everything. But behind the castle walls and locked doors things are very different.

I know I’m damaged, I know I’m dark, maybe even broken. My mother does this with her words, my father prefers his fists. Hate grows thick within me and when I can’t hurt my parents the servants become my toys – They can be broken and replaced after all.

I hate the world, except for Nierra. The man who will become my husband, he is the only hope I have.


But will he be able to love me? Will he be able to save me?

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