The inspiration behind The Colour of Death

November 12, 2019

I'm often asked where I get my ideas from and most of the time they develop from research I've been doing on another book.


Not so with The Colours series. I had an inkling I wanted to write about the ability to see auras, but I assumed this was going to stand on its own without any other supernatural/paranormal input.


it looked like my brain had other ideas.


One morning I woke up with the name Byron in my head and the image of the famous poet behind my eyes.


 I've no idea where he came from, but I suspect I might have read/heard/watched something fairly recently which didn't register at the time, but which my brain pounced on and dragged into its dark lair to consume later. Anyway, I woke up thinking about the guy and couldn't shift him out of

my head.





Thinking that it wouldn't hurt to do a bit of research on him, I bought  Fiona MacCarthy's wonderful book, Byron, Life and Legend, and began to read. 


 And I kept reading; what I read made me realise exactly why this man had invaded my mind and wouldn't let go. And so the The Colour of Death was born, and if you've read the Historical Notes at the end of the book, you'll know exactly why Lord Byron appealed to me so much. 

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