Writery things that make me smile

October 13, 2017



From starting a manuscript to completion there are many things along the way which make me smile (okay, I’m easily pleased – I know this).


The germ of the idea, that little ah ha! moment when something flits across my brain and I think “there’s a story in that”, is one of the things which makes me smile. Finding just the right title is another, as is discovering the main character’s name. I also love the book cover bit (though I’ve had my ups and downs with the covers for the Resurrection series, namely due to a lack of funds and an overabundance of ignorance). I also enjoy the editing process, though in the beginning I used to hate it. And the marketing and promotions isn’t so much of a chore as it once was, now I’m older and a teensy bit wiser.


I get a real buzz out of discovering something new and figuring out how I can make it work for me; Headtalker comes to mind, as dies my favourite, Creatspace interior templates – you’ve no idea how much time, stress and grey hair cultivation went into formatting my books for paperback before I discovered those wonderful little templates. I wore a really big smile that day!

But there are three things which make my hearts sing, three things which make me feel like a child on Christmas Eve – full to bursting with joy.


The first – coming to the end of the plotting process, reading it through and realising it works, and I’ve got the skeleton of a novel in my hands (yes, I know I used to be a pantster. I’ve seen the light, been converted. Don’t judge me.)


The second – writing “The End” on that first draft, even though I know I’ve got hours and hours of edits and rewrites ahead of me.


The third? Pressing “publish”.

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