An interview with Grace

March 14, 2017

Several readers have suggested Grace does an interview, and as I'm seriously considering writing another book in the Resurrection series, it seemed like a good idea to reacquaint myself with my favourite character.  I've just re-read State of Grace, the first in the series, and thought it might be a good idea to interview her at this point. Grace was my first leading lady and I'll always have a soft spot for her.


Take it away, Grace!


You’re an intelligent woman – how come you didn’t realise straight away Roman is a vampire?

Seriously, would you? What’s reasonable in fiction, isn’t so reasonable in real life. If you read an article in a newspaper saying that some guy drinks blood, your first thought would be that this guy is a nutter. Plus I was never into the supernatural stuff. I preferred science fiction, so my first instinct was to blame it on the tumour. Science. Fact. Not made-up stuff.


Yeah, about the tumour. How did you feel when you were diagnosed?

At the time my diagnosis was more unreal than the vampire situation. It still is. I’m twenty-seven, for goodness sake! I can’t possibly be dying. And I feel so well – apart from the headaches.


Have you made any plans – you know, um, for the end?

Yes. No. Sort of. I’m selling the flat in London, tying up all the loose ends. I suppose I should be thankful I’ve got the time to do that, and the time to say goodbye to my family.


How are they dealing with it?

Not well, but I don’t think it’s sunk in yet. Hell – I’m not sure I believe it either! Sometimes Roman is more real to me than my tumour. I don’t want to talk about my family, it upsets me too much.


Okay, I understand. Tell me about Roman. What’s he like? Deep down.

He’s a vampire. That’s what he’s like. He’s not human – not really.  Vampires are complex creatures, much more than the media usually gives them credit for. Yes, they are driven by their need for blood, but that’s only the same as the way humans are driven by their need for air and food. They don’t just lie around waiting for their next meal, the same way people don’t. They have lives to live - unimaginable lives.


What did you think when you first saw him?

That I was dreaming. For a long time I thought it was all in my head. I still do, if I’m honest. I know things I shouldn’t know, but I compare this to people waking from comas and being able to speak a foreign language. Things like that happen, right? So perhaps it’s happening to me. That’s a far more believable story than time-travel and vampires, don't you think?


Well, when you put it like that…

Of course I’m putting it down to the havoc the tumour is wreaking in my brain. God knows what nerves it’s pressing on, and what electrical impulses it’s disrupting.


I’ve been wanting to ask you – what’s with the naked thing?

Arrrg, I was hoping you wouldn’t bring that up. I have no idea. It must be a subliminal fear of appearing naked in public, or something. It’s really annoying. I’m never naked in any other dreams.


Doesn’t that tell you there might be more to this whole situation? And there’s the fact that if you are injured in the past you bring that injury with you to the present day.

I can’t answer that. Psychosomatic, maybe? Like stigmata? The brain is a complex organ and science knows only a fraction of what it is capable of.


You made some, shall we say, reckless decisions while at the castle.

I’m dreaming. It’s not real. How can they be reckless?


You came back injured. I’d call that reckless.

Okay – you dream you’re killing your mother-in-law. Do you honestly believe your dream is going to follow you when you wake up? No, of course you don’t. I didn’t either. I didn’t think anything was REAL. So it didn’t matter what I did when I was dreaming.


Yet the first couple of times you time-travelled you brought back injuries…?

Yes, I did. I can’t explain them, and I tried to pretend they weren’t there. I was in denial.


It seems you may still be in denial.

Perhaps I am. I think if this was happening to you, you wouldn’t believe it either.


You’re probably right… Do you think it’ll happen again?

Who knows, but I hope so…




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