Keep your dreams to yourself

January 30, 2015

My daughter decided to go into great detail about a dream she had. On listening to it, I decided she needed therapy. Then a colleague insisted on telling me about her dream. My ears only perked up when she said I was in it. That's the problem with other people's dreams - they are of little or no interest to anyone but the dreamer, unless the person who is recounting their nighttime plunge into insanity happens to say that you were in it. Then you begin to wonder what sick and distorted mind actually dreamt that.

And on that point I'll move on to the real reason for this post. I've been working my way through Kathy Reich's Temperance Brennan series. I think I'm on number 6, (in a little over two weeks) and they are all starting to merge into one. Don't get me wrong - I'm really enjoying them and will keep going until I've completed the series. But there is something that sticks out from number 4, and is also present in the others, but to a slightly lesser degree. And it's dreams. Tempe, the lead character, seems to have convoluted and vivid dreams, and they are described in detail. Too much detail. Number 4 had over 5 pages describing just the one dream. I ended up skipping that part and have skipped every dream scene since. It doesn't do much, if anything, for the plot, and I find it as annoying as when a friend or a member of my family describes their dreams. Unless it involves Freddy Krueger, where dreams are central to the plot, then I don't want to know.


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