Social media - today's vampires

January 11, 2015

I find I can't do too many things at once - if I try then something has to give. And back in March that 'something' was this blog. It all went pear shaped when I managed to succumb to the flu, which left me feeling pretty listless for about three weeks.


When I began to feel better and had returned to work I made a conscious decision that I simply couldn't do everything I wanted to do, so I had to prioritise. Obviously family and work came first (had to pay the bills and my writing doesn't do that!), then the housework, to a certain extent anyway, and then writing. I have to write for my own sanity. Social media sites had to be way down on my 'to do' lists.


I had found that I was spending more and more time trawling through facebook and twitter and writing my blog and I simply wasn't doing any writing. I began to feel that social networking was sucking the hours away like a time-vampire, stealing the seconds and minutes that could be better used elsewhere. So I stopped checking twitter every few minutes and I held back from trying to think of new things to write on my blog on a daiy basis.


And I found that I was able to concentrate of my writing more, without these distractions and have stormed ahead with the third novel in the resurrection trilogy.

It must be said, though, that these sites have their uses and I have gradually been tempted back into using them. The trick though is to try not to let it dominate my time - wish me luck!



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