The wood for the trees

January 1, 2015


I'm talking about the way I view my novels and the way readers view them.

This thought started when I was considering new covers for the Resurrection series. See, I thought I was being really clever when I came up with the idea of the DNA strand for the cover of all three. It's relevant (eventually), and not the typical vampire picture on the front. 

Big mistake. Big, big mistake. Not only wasn't I ensuring that my target audience would be able to recognise my novels for what they were - paranormal romances - but the DNA photo plus the titles gives the impression that they're about something else entirely. One reader mentioned religion. I don't blame her.

That's what I mean by wood and trees. I lost sight of what was important on a cover because I was too focused on the one of the details in the trilogy. I should have stood back and thought seriously about what I wanted to convey and what readers would be expecting.

Since that revelation I have spent many a happy hour trawling through stock photos and pre-made covers trying to find just the right image(s). But then there comes the problem: I can find one, or even two, that work brilliantly, but not three. So, it looks like I'm going to have to commission three covers. And then, I have to decide what I want on them, and I simply can't make my mind up. Do I have a passionate couple on the front, because after all, they are first and foremost romances, or do I push the paranormal bit? Or both? Or do I go for something a little less obvious?

Oh, no, here I go again. Wood and trees...

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