A very British obsession

December 20, 2014

Us Brits just can’t stop talking about it – the weather. It fascinates us. It dictates a lot of what we do. For instance, summer holidays. The UK is a beautiful country, whatever the weather, but being outdoors is far more pleasant when it’s warm and sunny. And that’s one thing you can’t really depend on with our climate.


It’s true when people say we have all four seasons in one day, so what hope do we have in hoping for one season in a week? We watch the weather forecasts like hawks, dress for all eventualities and taking almost every single piece of clothing we own when holidaying in this country. Even in the height of summer I will take waterproofs, fleeces, and this jumpers, as well as a bikini, shorts and t-shirts. And I often wear them all – not at the same time admittedly, but I have been known to wear waterproofs and wellies in the morning, asking wet and shivering with the cold,  and having shorts and flip-flops on by the end of the day, and suffering from a mild case of sunstroke.


Perhaps I should have kept the wellies on!


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