Don't just lie there - do something

February 5, 2014

I had a close encounter with 2.05 am this morning.

For a while I led there thinking about a problem in work that came to light just as I was leaving for the day, but I couldn't sort it out because the person I needed to speak to had also left. So why did my brain decide to wake me in the wee small hours just to worry about it, when I still couldn't sort it!

I decided that I needed to do something constructive with my time and not just lie there fretting, and I briefly toyed with the idea of getting up and doing some writing. What put me off was the image of my hubby catching me hunched over a pad with pen in hand in the middle of the night. This could have been an issue when I tend to fall asleep in the chair at 9 pm, even when I haven't been awake half the night.

So I stayed in bed and thought. Not about work, nor about any thing else that would cause me angst  and not about lying on a beach or any other relaxing thoughts. No - I worked through most of the first couple of chapters of The Astronaut and The Bag Lady in my head. And very successful it was too.

Now, the only problem I have this morning is remembering what I thought about in the middle of the night!

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