The art of the bard

January 30, 2014

Stories and storytelling is an ancient art. Before the written word was ever invented people loved stories: it was a way of keeping history alive. Millenia ago travelling story tellers would visit towns and villages, both telling tales and telling the news. Word-of-mouth was the only way to learn anything and societies all over the world valued their stories and those who regaled them.

Take the Bible, for instance: the stories in there were spread verbally, passed from person to person, before they were ever written down. And where do you think our fairy tales come from? Mothers have told these tales to their children for generations.

I think the love of a good tale is hot-wired into humanity, whether it be the more traditional form of reading, or whether it be watching a film or the soaps on tv. Now personally I love books, both paper and electronic. The format doesn't bother me - I just like a good story.

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January 28, 2019

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