I do it for me

January 11, 2014

I have been asked a few times why I bother writing and I can see their point - very little chance of getting published in the traditional way with one of the big houses, no financial reward (my books are free or cost only a small amount), some people not liking what I write, and so on.

But I don't do it for other people. I do it for me, because I enjoy imagining characters and events and bringing them to life. I enjoy the process and then seeing it published, albeit indie publishing. It's like asking someone why they bother to run the London marathon when they have absolutely no hope of winning, and for most it's the taking part and being able to finish that is important to them.

I'm sure all indie authors would like to be 'discovered', but that's not everything because if it was we probably wouldn't bother. We do it because we enjoy it, and if we didn't then there would be far fewer books available out there and readers would be paying top notch for the big name authors.

We might not all be good at it but at least we try!

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