Can't please all the people...

January 3, 2014

...all the time. And sometimes I can't please many people at all. I say this because I caught sight of a couple of reviews  - silly, I know. Every authors' forum says you have to let the negative reviews slide over your head and concentrate on the positive ones. Assuming you have positives, that is, which I do, thankfully.

What does rankle slightly is a review that seems unfair. State of Grace is the first in a trilogy and the ending of this novel does not tie things up - I'll leave that until the third one, otherwise there would not need to be a third one at all! One reviewer states that 'the ending...felt incomplete, like there should be a sequel: instead the ending read like the author got lazy.'

At first this upset me somewhat, until I decided to learn from it and make sure that the reader realises that this is only the first of three. It made me aware that what I think is obvious may not be to some of my readers, and I hope that I have now rectified this (I've not changed the story, just a notification at the beginning and I've added an extra bit to the blurb).

So thank you, whoever left that review. Good reviews are wonderful, but negative reviews can help make for a better writer.

Oh, and thank you to the reviewer who pointed out that State of Grace is part of a trilogy!

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