Three into one does go

December 14, 2013

Finished the second draft of Amazing Grace, where editing and proof reading both happen at the same time. Now I have to step away from the manuscript for at least a week before I return to it for what I hope is the final time before publication. If I try and re-read it again so soon, I tend to skim read it (after all, I know what happens in the end) and miss typos etc.

In the meantime, I have started on the third and final novel in the Resurrection trilogy: not quite sure of the title yet, but I'm working on it (I thought I had a title but I think I've changed my mind). I know from past experience that every now and then I get 'stuck' when writing so I have made the (silly, perhaps) decision to work on another manuscript at the same time. So when the muse temporarily fails me on the one, I can move to the other and carry on writing.

Three novels on the go at once, then - ambitious or just plain ridiculous. Time will tell.

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