Solitary confinement

October 13, 2013

I have found that writing is a very solitary practice. Other authors might have a different experience, but personally I am very much on my own.

For years I wrote in secret with only one close friend aware of my little vice. I used her as a sounding board and she read the first novel I ever wrote and gave me great advice. (I will publish it later this year - but it's about a really delicate subject - child abuse - and is quite graphic, so I think it will need some serious editing!).

Since that first novel I have written another 3 three, plus a half of one, and they have all been worked on during stolen moments. I have now confessed to my family but old habits die hard and I find it difficult to work when anyone else is awake, or in the house. I also find it hard to talk about my writing. I don't have any contact with any other authors, but perhaps I will find an online group to join. It would be nice to let myself out of my self-imposed imprisonment sometimes.

If anyone knows of any groups, please feel free to contact me.




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