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paranormal fiction author

These stories have a romantic flavour with more than a hint of suspense.

Available from Amazon and  Kindle Unlimited

The Resurrection Series

She has months to live. He’s existed for centuries. When fate pulls her into his time, can they find a passion for the ages?


Present day. Grace Llewellyn is scared. Thrown into a tailspin by the discovery of a terminal brain tumor, the twenty-seven-year-old pilot heads home to the mountains of Wales to spend her final days among family. And the stricken woman fears it is close to the end when her late-night walk turns into a terrifying hallucination of a sword fight and a beautiful stranger with sharp teeth.


Ancient Britannia. Roman doesn’t know what to believe. Viewing humans as food, the gruff vampire is confounded after a naked beauty appears in the midst of a brutal bout… and then vanishes. And when she shows up again hundreds of years later, he has only a moment of her in his arms before she disappears a second time.


As more of the bizarre episodes invade Grace’s struggles for normality, she is stunned when a bite on her neck suggests her fevered visions could be real. And Roman realizes he can’t control or enthrall her, making him wonder why they keep meeting as his need for her grows…


Can they bridge the gap to destiny before they lose their chance at forever?

A thrilling paranormal romance.

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The Caitlyn Series

A young woman cursed by a witch, an old woman who uses magic and darkness to enslave her…


This compelling and disturbing story of magic, betrayal, and the power of love, combines the best of historical fantasy and magical realism.


Stand-alone ghostly romances

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Boxed sets

Both the Resurrection series and the Caitlyn series are available as a boxed set

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