The Medium Path  


You don’t have to be alive to fall in love…


Ruby died nearly a century ago.

Michael is very much alive.


Ruby is trapped between realms, her sole purpose to help other spirits move into the light.

Michael is an unwilling medium, but continues to deny the existence of ghosts, even to himself.


Ruby was like him once….


But when darkness replaces light, the fate of every deceased soul is in the hands of a man who doesn’t believe in ghosts.


And so is the fate of Ruby’s heart.

The Spirit Guide

Seren has an unusual gift – she sees spirits, the shades of the dead.

Terrified of being accused of witchcraft, a very real possibility in twelfth century Britain, she keeps her secret close, not even confiding in her husband.

But when she gives her heart and soul to a man who guides spirits in the world beyond the living, she risks her secret and her life for their love.