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Typical Family Summer ecover.png

A Typical Family Summer

How can you run away from love?

After being forced to move back in with her parents, Annabelle Litton is persuaded to take her children on a much-needed family break to beautiful Rest Bay.

However, instead of having a relaxing holiday by the sea nd using the time to work out what she’s going to do with her life, Annabelle is faced with two feuding old ladies, a naughty dog, her ex’s pleas to go back to him, and her growing feelings for a man called Ron. Out of all of them, it is Ron who causes her the most concern because what she doesn’t want or need right now is a new relationship.

But as her heart starts to rule her head and she finds herself falling for him, she feels like running away.

It isn’t Annabelle who ends up running away, though… it’s Ron.

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